Yahoo Has Upgraded Yahoo Mail - How To Change mail classic to new look

I have been used yahoo mail since many years, and the old look was so boring but now i think it is better.

Yahoo has launched a beta version of Yahoo mail. It’s better than ever before >> 

I think you’ll love it and if you don't, You can always switch back to your original Mail if you prefer

  --" Features "--  

1 - Speed : It is even faster now, Get and send emails and attachments faster than ever before.
2 - Spam Protection : Now you will See only the messages you want with the latest spam protection technology.
3 - Unlimited Storage : You can store all your photos and documents in it without worrying about running out of space. 
4 -  Amazing interface : I already loved the interface of Yahoo mail
5 - It is even easier than before

 --" How To Change mail classic to new look "--  

Go To Introducing Yahoo! Mail Beta and Click On Try It Now

and you're done

Enjoy with amazing new look ;) 

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