Google Page Speed to check the performance of your wesbsite

Google Page Speed is a popular tool from Google that analyzes website performance, and gives improvement suggestions. 

You can improve your website performance and make it faster.

 ---" How To Use It "--- 

1 - Just enter the URL of the website or web page for which you analyze performance, and click on “Analyze Performance” button.

2 - The results first shows an overall page score out of 100. This blog got a score of 85. Nice :) 

It will show improvement suggestions. The improvement suggestions are divided into high priority, medium priority, and low priority. You should start by implementing the suggestions under High priority list, as that will give most performance improvement. After that, you can move over to medium priority, and low priority.

Google Page Speed is really helpful, and handy. Check it out :)

Try It Now ( It's free )

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