Download Web Cartoon Maker 1.02 : Make your own cartoon animation

Web Cartoon Maker is an online tool for making animated 2D cartoons. It is absolutely free! And we are talking about real long cartoons in AVI format which can be converted to DVD or blue-ray or uploaded to youtube in HD format. These are not just 3-4 seconds long animated gifs. Unlike much other similar software, Web Cartoon Maker does not pretend to be a so called WYSIWYG (or What You See Is What You Get) tool. It allows you to program your cartoons, using a programming language (we have UnderC C++ interpreter installed on our server). While it may sound odd at first, it is more convenient and quick in many cases. Imagine you need to move parts of you character in WYSIWYG editor... You know it is not very easy if you tried it.

Web Cartoon Maker uses simple C++ scripts to produce high quality animated cartoons.

Programming cartoons is very easy using characters, images and sounds from online library (free clip art) and your hard drive. You can move, resize, rotate and do other things with objects and character´s pieces. Characters can walk, talk and wink. Complete movies with sound tracks and titles can be produced and exported to AVI format.

There is a lose less video codec available for further processing and blu-ray or DVD conversion.

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