Upload your photos to facebook with Easy Photo Uploader

Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook resize and upload photos to existing or new Facebook photo album.

Send pictures without being online on Facebook web site. Because Facebook has become so popular and people like to share their pictures with friends and family, you need a quick software to upload new photo albums. It works like a batch uploader for Facebook albums. As we are very lazy users, we spent a few hours to make this freeware available for all people which wants to save time and share even more pictures in Facebook.

   >>>  How To Use It  >>>   

Step 1 - Select Pictures from File explorer and right-click to see the options

Step 2 - Select your Facebook account or enter your Facebook login and password

Step 3 - Select in which album you want the pictures to be posted, or you can create one, with also the security credentials without the need to connect to Facebook control panel.

Step 4 - click next and the program will resize and post all the pictures in your facebook album

and you're done :)

{ Or you can check this video }

Version :
Size : 2.8 Mb
OS : Windows XP/Vista/7
License : Freeware

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