Top Free Media Players

Here are Best and Top Free Media players to play all your media files. This article focuses on the Top media players to play music and video on your PC. all these media players are free.

1 - VLC Media PlayerI recommend trying it out ) : Is a great free open source Media Player. It can play both audio and video files of almost any format. VLC Media Player features an equalizer with play-list creation. For music, VLC Media Player has got great versatility in terms of file formats. It also has the ability to convert videos.

VLC is the best because :-
  1. ability to play incomplete, unfinished, or damaged video downloads. 
  2. ability to play any video without codec.
  3. Resolve Problem --> Videos that only play sound or won't play sound at all.

2 - KMPlayer : Is one of the best free media players. It have a modern looking interface, While supporting different formats, languages, skins, etc. Features include: Compressed album support, multiple file formats, numerous decoders, support for subtitles, plug-ins, etc.

Size : 11.9 MB - Download

3 -  Media Player Classic Home Cinema : Is a free audio and video player "good for video only :)". you will have to download some codec packs. 

4 - AIMP ( Recommend For Music ) : Amazing interface, supports all popular audio formats as well as Internet radio playback and recording. It also includes a 18-band equalizer, build-in sound effects, tag editing, play-list support, automatic cross-fading between tracks. It also offered an Auto Shutdown feature where we could customize the time limit and action for shutting the program down. Completely Free :) 

>>> The best of this program is the sound quality >>>

Simply the best Music Player I have ever seen !! 

7.7 MB - Download

5 -  GOM Player : plays most media files, including flv files with its own internal codecs. If, however, you come across a file it cannot play, it will direct you to the appropriate open-source codec to install. One very useful feature of the GOM player is its ability to play broken media files. Completely Free :)

7.2 MB - Download

6 -  BSplayer : plays all kinds of media files Read More >>

7 -  Spider Player : has a great sound quality, For some reason, the developer has decided that Spider Player won't be developed any more. but spider player is free now. Read More >>

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