How to delete your facebook account or deactivate it

Are you ready to quit Facebook ? Do you want to remove your Facebook profile, so that all of the information posted on your account will be inaccessible and nobody will be able to view it anymore.

Facebook Tricks

if you want that, following Steps,

Step 1 : Go To This Link ( Click Here ) and Press Submit 

 Step 2 : Write your password and security check and press Okay.

 And Done.

If you wanna deactivate your account, following Steps,

 Step 1 : Account --> Account Settings

Step 2 : Press On Deactivate

And then your account will be deactivated and you can activated it again in any Time.
( P.S :  Deactivating your account will not permanently delete your info. It will remain in the system in case you ever wish to rejoin )

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