Create Email Subscriptions For Your Blog

You can create Free Email Subscriptions for your Blog like email Subscriptions in my blog... 

  Follow these steps :  

Step 1 : Open Feedburner and create an account here. If you already have a Google account you can login into Feedburner through it.

Step 2 : Add your blog to feed burner. Then click next.

Step 3 : Select Feed type you entered, ATOM or RSS. Select one then click next.

Step 4 : Give your feed its title and Feedburner address. Then click next

Step 5 : Now go and click on your feedburner and click on “publicize” tab then click “email subscriptions”.

Step 6 : Click “activate” button to activate email subscription for Feedburner. After activated it, Copy and paste the script in your blog. You can paste it in the sidebar, bottom of content or any.

and you're done :)

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