The Top and Best Browsers

I will present the top 5 browsers whom you can trust to work for hours without any problems, and fast, and i will tell you the best one to use ;)

Opera 11 : The new version is really fast and simple, The best browser, I'm Using it :) 

 Internet Explorer : One of the Best and fast.

 Maxthon 3.0 : Very Good browser but it is not flexible and light, but the work and interface of this browser is pretty awesome.

 Mozilla Firefox : Honestly It was the best, but now it was not that good and take all of the system resources in CPU usage and was crashing horribly.

Google Chrome : Google Chrome has a load of easy-to-use features and tools but it's not flexible.

 Finally, until Google update chrome and Firefox resolve that problems, Opera is the best browser Now .

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