SmartClose : Close Your Programs

SmartClose is a freeware to close all running programs, and save system state to open those programs again later. Now-a-days, almost all the latest software asks you to close all the programs running on the PC before installing the software. And that’s where you get the benefit of SmartClose. You can close all the programs by yourself but still it’s not possible to close all the hidden running programs, stop your screensaver and stop the programs that might appear on the screen when any important work is going on.

SmartClose’s unique concept of system restoring helps you to close all the ongoing programs, stop the screensaver and also stop the ongoing processes that can come as an obstacle when you are performing a work that requires closing all the apps. And it performs all these action by taking a screenshot before closing all the apps. It’s called system snapshot and it helps you to restore all the programs, processes and screensaver with just one click.

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