How to Creating your own game with Construct

Construct is a free, DirectX 9 game creator for Windows, designed for 2D games, Here is videos tutorial that explain how to create games with Construct.

Part 1 .. About Construct

Part 2 .. Game Creation with Construct

Part 3 : Adding more events and action

Part 4 : how to add a tiled background and How to make the game scroll to the center of the player

Part 5 : how to private variables work and how object works.

Part 6 : How to Use Runtime Debugger in Construct, and How to Add Hitcount to Monsters

Part 7 : Make monster angry when you shoot them and they will chase you. Make monster not leaving the game area.

Part 8 : Adding hitpoints to the player. Make monster be able to hit him. Adding a new layer with visual stats of Health. Make monster face hero when hit by bullet.

Part 9 : Adding explosion sprite with additive screen effect and sound effects

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