5 Websites to know who is offline/Invisible on yahoo

Here are 5 free websites to know who is offline on yahoo. You do not even need to create an account or register, it's easy to use .

  1. Ydetector : Ydetector.com is a website for Yahoo! Messenger status checking. With ydetector.com you can now bypass Yahoo! Messenger's Invisible Settings with ease. It's quick and intuitive interface, ydetector.com offers you the ability to see if your friend is truly online or if they are invisible.
  2. Narubian : Narubian.com is another simple to use website to know how is offline on yahoo.
  3. Vizgin : Vizgin.com is developed to bring you some Yahoo Messenger features to help you enjoy more from chatting with your friends. Main purpose of this site is detecting invisible yahoo messenger users. If you chat in Yahoo Messenger and you want to check any of your friends in your addlist for whether they're online, invisible, or really offline, this is the right place for you. (You will be able to see their display image too and then save it into your hard drive) You can also remove your Yahoo ID from your friends addlist. If you had confirmed someone to add you to their messenger list but now you don't want to be in their list then you can use our remover page to remove yourself from their addlists. We have also a feature to detect someone's status message even he/she is not in your addlist.
  4. Detectinvisible : detectinvisible.com is another simple to use website to know how is offline on yahoo.
  5. Invisible-scanner : invisible-scanner.com is a simple and effective way to detect invisible buddies, you don't have to install other software which might be malware, spyware or other security risks.

How to detect invisible yahoo messenger users using any of this websites ?

Just enter the Yahoo ID you want to scan in the text box on the top of the website and then hit the enter button on your keyboard, you will see the result.


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