Download MSN Live Password Decryptor 1.5 : Password recovery for MSN/Hotmail/Windows Live Messenger

MSNLivePasswordDecryptor is the Free computer application to instantly balance MSN/Hotmail/Windows Live Messenger passwords stored by applications such as MSN, Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail, web browsers and added messengers. Most of these applications including messengers & web browsers abundance the login passwords so that user don't accept to bethink and access the countersign every time. Anniversary of these use their own bounded accumulator architecture and proprietary encryption apparatus to abundance the login passwords. MSNLivePasswordDecryptor automatically crawls through anniversary of these applications and instantly recovers all of the stored MSN/Hotmail/Windows Live annual passwords.
MSNLivePasswordDecryptor presents both GUI interface as able-bodied as command band version, the after is added accessible for Penetration testers in their work. Apart from accustomed users who can use it to balance their absent password, it can appear in accessible for Forensic admiral who can get authority of any stored MSN/Hotmail annual passwords and again use that advice to extend their investigation.
MSNLivePasswordDecryptor supports accretion of MSN/Hotmail/Windows Live Messenger passwords 
from all these accepted applications :

• MSN Messenger
• Windows Live Messenger (including most recent adaptation 2011)
• Hotmail
• Firefox
• Internet Explorer
• Google Chrome
• Opera
• Apple Safari
• Flock Browser
• PaltalkScene IM
• Pidgin (Formerly Gaim)Messenger
• Miranda Messenger 

MSNLivePasswordDecryptor is a absolutely Portablecomputer application which can be anon run anywhere after installing locally. It additionally comes with Installer for those who wants to install it locally and use it on approved basis. It works on advanced ambit of platforms starting from Windows XP to most recent operating arrangement Windows 7. 

  • 1.43 MB 
  • Developer SecurityXploded Inc
  • Free
  • Download From Hotfile Or Oron

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